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Cory received his PhD in Molecular, Cellular, and Integrative Biosciences from Pennsylvania State University in 2021 supported by a prestigious NSF graduate research fellowship. He has over 8 years of experience in molecular biology and genetics from a technical and analytical perspective. After spinning out of his postdoc at Rutgers University where he created gene drive mosquitos to block malaria transmission, he realized that he could apply his unique skillset to crop systems to develop a vastly improved bio-production system.  Cory has the ideal expertise and vision to lead BioDrive due to his experience in transgenic design across a variety of systems, leadership of a diverse set of research and development teams in academics, and drive to apply synthetic biology to solve social and industrial problems.


Team Members

Kwang-Chul Kwon, Phd

Kwang-Chul Kwon, PhD

Vice President of Research and Development


Becca McCarthy

Fractional COO



Justin Smith, Phd

Justin Smith, PhD

Scientific/Business Advisor


Oliver Zill, PhD

Bioinformatics Consultant

Jennbro New E1689873163829

Jennifer Brophy, PhD

Scientific Advisor, Plant Systems

Chris Hickey

Chris Hickey

Angel Investor/Advisor

Emily Culp

Emily Culp

Angel Investor/Advisor

Kyle Schneider

Kyle Schneider

Angel Investor/Advisor