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Increasing scale of production and enabling oral delivery of bio-products

We Are Creating

The Future Of Bio-Production

At BioDrive we are pursuing an innovative approaches to genetically engineer edible food crops, a practice referred to as molecular farming. Our approach to molecular farming enables the production of commercially relevant molecules at scale and with reduced processing costs. Our vision is to allow for increased accessibility of high value peptides, increasing quality of life and opening previously inaccessible markets.

Our Underlying Technology Works To

Enable Oral Delivery

Our platform will enable an oral format for peptides by expressing them in edible crops. We leverage the natural bioavailability of certain crop species to protect our peptides from the harsh environment of the stomach and release later in digestion to be absorbed by the body. Our beachhead products are novel peptides which interact with incretins to reduce appetite, we are developing this as a dietary supplement for use as part of a weight loss plan. 

Join Our Team

BioDrive is Hiring

BioDrive is currently hiring for several openings. Explore career opportunities with our inspired team and grow with us.